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welcome to the bud bar 

cannabis catering for special events


When it comes to celebrating, cannabis is the newest trend.

Transform your event into an elevated, unforgettable experience by serving curated cannabis to your special guests.

Knowledgeable budtenders from Canndigenous are passionate about serving quality products to guests, whether they’re inexperienced or seasoned smokers.

We will exceed your high expectations with superior customer service and immaculate vibes.

Whether you’re looking to have a weed wedding or ganja get-together, we’ve got you covered. 

bud bar pricing


Basic Bud Package | $500.00

Recommended for 2-40 guests

Bake Sale Package | $700.00

Recommended for 40-100 guests 

* Includes all items and services from our Basic Bud Package plus:

Customized bud menu (3 strains)

Two Bud Tenders

Preroll upgrade options

Caviar Package | $900.00

Recommended for 50-150 guests 

* Includes all items and services from our Basic Bud package plus:

Customized bud menu (4 strains) 

Two Bud Tenders 

Premium Prerolls (rose petals and palm leaves) 

Kief upgrade option for guests 

Four hours of service 


Additional hour of service | $200.00

Rose petal/palm preroll upgrades | $8.00 each

Custom preroll papers | $25.00

Kief sprinkle for elevated prerolls | $50.00

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