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Our Mission

Honor our Native American heritage and support our
indigenous brothers and sisters by responsibly growing, sourcing, producing, and providing the highest quality and most trusted CBD products in order to offer healthy lifestyle choices, and natural, alternative wellness solutions. And to always do everything ‘In a good way’.

Our Story


Rob Pero is a serial entrepreneur, savvy marketer, and proud member of the Bad River Tribe. Like preceding generations of Ojibwe people, his core values are rooted in love for family, support for community, respect for the natural world, and a commitment to doing everything, as the Ojibwe say, ‘in a good way’. 

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the ability to grow hemp (for the purpose of extracting Cannabidiol, or CBD) presented itself. In the sky-rocketing CBD industry, Rob saw both an opportunity to capitalize on a market void, and a tool to use for the betterment of his Indigenous brothers and sisters. 


Rob felt CBD lacked a high-quality, authentic brand. Something with local ties that Wisconsinites could enjoy because it was local and better. With faith in corporations at a low and lawsuits against drug companies at a high, Rob saw a market thirsty for a brand that was transparent in their practices, trustworthy in their stance, legitimate in their roots, and sincere in their commitment to better health for the greater good.

Native Americans have historically experienced disproportionate levels of socio-economic challenges versus the greater population. Higher unemployment rates, lower median incomes, greater instances of substance abuse and drug addiction, and limited access to mental health support are but a few of the obstacles. With a CBD company, Rob saw a chance to empower and eventually employ fellow Indigenous people. And he saw a product that could provide natural, safe, and beneficial wellness alternatives to harmful and addictive pharmaceuticals. 


CBD is seen as a natural answer to numerous man-made problems. For Rob, the sentiment was no different, but more importantly, in his vision, he saw an opportunity to offer CBD ‘in a good way’.


Our Pillars

Native Commitment


We honor our Native American roots and apply our tradition of living ‘in a good way’ to every step of our process. 

We consider the seven generations of family that came before us and remain mindful of the seven generations that will follow in our daily commitment to honoring the land and every plant we grow. 


We’re proud to support our Wisconsin brothers and sisters on the path we’ve started, and we’re happy to share our story every step of the way.




The toll an opioid addiction or untreated mental health issue can have on an individual, their family, friends, or community is overwhelming. As a nation, we’re struggling to stay in the battle. Within the Native American population, the situation is exacerbated. 


We believe CBD is an opportunity to pivot our thoughts and actions and Canndigenous is the vehicle for doing so. Let’s step back from looking at the pills we put in our bodies specifically and reconsider what we put in our bodies in general. Let’s stop getting treated and let’s start getting well.




There’s never been a time where intentional disinformation and incidental misinformation was as prevalent. Offering unfiltered access to our entire operation provides consumers with first-hand peace of mind that we are walking the talk. Every word, every step.

In this contentious era, where corporate deception is common and ulterior motives rampant, it’s critical that every dollar you spend reaches its intended destination. We pride ourselves on the premium quality and unmatched authenticity in our supply chain. We’re vertically integrated so we can guarantee it, and transparent so you can see it for yourself.




Climate change is undeniable. As proud Wisconsin Native Americans, we feel a duty to do everything we can to support and steward our homeland. By vertically integrating our business we are able to guarantee that every step in our growing, processing and packaging operation doesn’t just adhere to, but is driven by this commitment. Additionally, we uphold our standards to every company we source or collaborate with.


Our goal is to be leaders in the hemp optimization space. Not in the production of CBD, but in the responsible and complete usage of everything that goes into, and comes out of the process. We aim to be a zero-waste farm where every element of our plants is processed for industrial usage, contributes to the regeneration of our farm’s soil, or goes towards the development of new bio-mass textiles and technologies. 

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